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We are a non
Profit registered charity

Ride2Give is a Registered Charity incorporated on 12th February 2020 (Charity No: 1187914).

The Charity operates solely in England & Wales and its objects are:

  • The relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, of people living in England & Wales through the provision of grants, goods or services.
  • To relieve the needs of individuals living with disabilities or severe illness and their family and carers in particular but not exclusively by the provision of grants, goods or services.
  • To assist in the treatment and care of persons suffering from mental or physical illness of any description or in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness of people living in england & wales through the provision of grants, goods or services.


The charity was originally founded by our Chairman Steve Wood, after a friends son, very sadly, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. On hearing this devastating news, Steve decided to help create memories for both him and his and his family. 

Through his contacts he was able to arrange a visit to Chelsea football club to meet the team and also a organised motorcycle escort to a meeting, with Multiple Formula 1 world Champion, Lewis Hamilton and his team mate Valtteri Bottas at the Mercedes Racing team headquarters. 

Steve was able to see first hand how, with support of others, you can make a difference to peoples lives, when they need it most. 

From this experience, he was inspired to continue to help those who need it. He approached two biking friends, Jason Tudor and Steve Martin, with whom he created and registered the Charity Ride 2 Give Charity. 


Thousands of pounds have been raised since the Charities registration in February, 2020 and the money put to good use to help people in need. These include children with terminal illness, those suffering with depression, adults with learning difficulties through to veterans who are down on their luck. 

What can not go without mention and has become the charities signature event, is the annual Christmas deliveries, with Harley Davidson mounted Santa's, dropping off presents to deserving causes in the local area. Bringing smiles and some memorable moments of happiness to those that need it most. 

Ride2Give, delivering Miles of Smiles. 

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Ride2Give is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Registered charity No. 1187914 registered as a CIO in England and Wales.
Registered office address: 154 Church Green Road, Bletchley, MK3 6DD

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